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What Buyers Need to Know


You will find some interesting stats on the local areas around the sound shore communities of Rye, Rye Brook, Harrison, Purchase, Mamaroneck, Larchmont and Port Chester. They will help you to understand the typical or average homes in each area and some track record on actual sales in the area. Don’t forget to check out what each town has to offer at (Local Community Info) and if being in a particular school district is important to you check out (Market Stats By School District)

Who Represents Whom …

When you call an agent and ask to see a particular home, the assumption is that your agent will be representing you, the buyer. The truth however, is that the agent, by default, represents the seller...unless you sign a document that clearly states that the agent is representing you... Learn More

What‘s A Fair Price To Pay?

It is a smart move to familiarize yourself with the market you are interested in ...ahead of time! There are several things that a buyer should do. One is to familiarize oneself with the homes that have sold in ones' price range over the last 6 months. A convenient way to do this is... Learn More

Questions You Should Ask

If you find a home you are interested in there are many questions you may want to ask, but some that you should always ask. These include: Is this home in a flood area? Are there any water problems in the cellar? Any sump pumps? Are there any... Learn More


It is advisable to have an inspection done by an experienced home engineer/inspector before the contract is signed... even if the deal is “as is”. Your agent can provide you with a list of experienced & qualified engineers/inspectors. There are many items that... Learn More

Bids, Accepted Offers, Contracts

If you are seriously interested in purchasing a particular home and you want to make an offer, your agent can assist you in making a bid that should elicit a counter offer. While you are entitled to test the seller with a low bid, it is typically very unproductive... Learn More

Closing Bids

A guide to the costs you may incur in the southeast area of Westchester County. Please use this as a very rough introductory guide only and not as a replacement for getting specific estimates from the various parties involved. Buyer’s Attorney... Learn More

Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Homeowners’ insurance coverage in Rye, NY and the surrounding areas goes a long way to keeping your family stable during times of crisis. Coverage will provide for your shelter, food and other necessities while you rebuild or find a new home. Your policy will also... Learn More

Escrow: Are You Doing It Wrong?

Escrow is a common element in home ownership, but it’s also one that’s commonly misunderstood. A convenience for some and a limitation for others, a Rye, NY area escrow account agreement helps you spread your tax and insurance payments over an entire year. Many lenders require...Learn More

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